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ACCADA's outpatient treatment services are tailored to meet you where you are and provide support along your journey.



Outpatient Services

ACCADA outpatient treatment may consist of assessments, individual and/or group counseling, case management, peer support, urine drug screens, and education.

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Initial Assessment

Your story is important to us. At the initial assessment, a counselor will listen to your story, will be nonjudgmental about your feelings, and will help you map out a personalized care plan.

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Additional Services

Additional services offered by ACCADA include intensive outpatient treatment and residential treatment. Medication-assisted treatment options are provided through referrals to our trusted partners. 

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Outpatient Treatment Options

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling clients receive an open ear, empathy, and encouragement. Our counselors use evidence-based techniques, relaxation, and other needed interventions to help educate, guide, and move clients to a better mental and emotional state.

Together with your counselor, you will create a treatment plan and agree to that plan for how often counseling sessions are needed.

Group Counseling

Individuals struggling with substance misuse may want or need more face-to-face time with a counselor, so group counseling is available as a supplement to individual counseling. Clients work together with their peers who are also committed to their recovery to heal emotionally and mentally.

Clients who are on medication-assisted treatment are encouraged to attend this group.

Case Management

Clients have some needs that reach beyond the scope of counseling sessions, such as how to find a primary care physician, where to apply for medical insurance, support for a court date, information about recovery meetings, and many other areas of life that may need attention and care. ACCADA’s staff members provide case management services in order to help individuals with such needs. Individuals can also receive support for some of these needs through our Peer Recovery Support Services.

Peer Recovery Support Services

ACCADA facilitates Peer Recovery Support Services for people who are living with a substance use or mental health concern. These services can be an extremely valuable supplement to a client's counseling experience. A Peer Recovery Support Person is specially certified through the state of Ohio, and is someone who remains in active recovery from substance use and mental health concerns. They help clients engage in activities that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being, and independence. A Peer Recovery Support Person can also provide case management services for a client. 

Treatment in Jail

The Ashland County Jail provides treatment services while someone is incarcerated. Both group and individual counseling are offered while in jail, and Community Linkage and MAT services are available when they are being released.

Community Linkage helps a client reintegrate into the community with appropriate services and resources.

Recovery Houses

ACCADA owns two recovery houses to guide the transition of clients into their sobriety. The houses are set up to separately accommodate both men and women.  Clients must have some time of sobriety in the community but are in a problematic recovery environment and could use time to save money, remain employed, participate in recovery meetings and counseling, and work to gain back those areas that have been lost in their using.

We cannot take clients who are in detox, still using, or have unresolved medical complications. All clients living in the residences are provided peer support for regular check ins, as well as an individual counselor. 

Additional Services

Urine Drug Screens

Clients will be asked to periodically submit a therapeutic drug screen. This is to help with accountability in sobriety and to be able to understand the process of relapses.

Referrals to Other Care Providers

Our counselors and case managers always work to individualize the best resources, referring clients with a warm and informed hand-off. If there is a need for more intensive levels of treatment, such as intensive outpatient groups or residential treatment, we will direct you to the appropriate resources.

Additionally, we will assist with the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) process with doctors that are trusted to prescribe ethically.

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In addition to our services in Ashland, we offer services in Loudonville. Our Loudonville office is at the Kettering Health Center, 546 North Union Street. We provide services at this location on Thursdays from 1 to 5 PM.

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